1. Which products does Cplus offer?

    Mainly Cplus offers three different products available for your certification training:

    • Questions & Answers (Q&A)

      This valuable Questions & Answers exam preparation tool contains real exam items with thorough & easy-to-grasp explanations and reflects the ultimate coverage of all the objectives for your forthcoming exam. By utilizing this material, you will become a fully-fledged candidate who will easily manage to ace this exam in the first attempt. Grab the opportunity to get certified in no time with those accurate and top-notch Questions & Answers!

    • Training Courses

      Taking advantage of this online training course will consolidate your knowledge & skills when it comes to even the toughest exam domains. These unique lectures are conducted by a seasoned instructor who will define the most difficult tech concepts in a comprehensible manner and will get you fully involved in what you're studying. By the way, through visualization you can significantly boost your overall ability to remember, understand, and learn. Thus, this online course is a must for all aspiring & dedicated exams!

    • Study Guides

      All the necessary concepts and theory is packed into precise and accurate PDF files. If you're a keen reader, then this material is definitely for you. Developed by skilled experts in the IT industry, this study guide will make your brain work to the fullest, equipping you with the relevant knowledge to become a real master of those complicated notions that this exam encompasses. Avail of this comprehensive material now and your exam success is for sure guaranteed

    • Please note that Cplus is basically an information sharing platform: we do not sell software, neither do we support or troubleshoot it. All we do is let people share their .pdf files and .vceplus files uploads, download files and post their feedback.
  2.  How to use Questions & Answers exam preparation tool?

    Cplus has made the ultimate Question & Answer product in the form of Online Testing Engine. It is an online preparation tool that simulates the real exam environment. Built by experts this Online Testing Engine provides the ultimate opportunity to test you in the same environment as the actual exam. Use the virtual exam mode for testing yourself with a special mock test. In the practice exam mode you will be able to view the answers while taking the test. Other options include adding comments to questions, reviewing your scores and progress, marking questions for review, eliminating questions which are answered correctly and so on.

  3.  Are explanations provided with all Questions & Answers?

    No. We aim to provide explanations to all of our exams. But so far they are only available for the certifications which are more in demand.

  4.  How can I be sure if a product has explanations or not prior to purchasing it?

    The product page or the page from where you will purchase your product will specifically show if the exam has explanations otherwise it will simply say Questions & Answers material.

  5.  Can an exam be passed with only Question & Answers material by Cplus?

    Although it is quite possible, but for better results we recommend other Vplus products which include Online Course or Study Guide.

  6.  Can I try a couple of questions before I purchase the exam?

    We provide free demo samples for popular exams on on the appropriate products pages. Please e-mail Cplus.CO@outlook.com if you can not find the sample of the desired exam.

  7.  What format are Study Guides?

    They are downloadable PDF files. You can use them with any PDF reader.

  8.  What do Study Guides consist of?

    Study Guides are there to make sure you have all the required background knowledge for the exam you are preparing for. Study guides provide detailed theoretical knowledge which enables the user to build strong conceptual background for the test.

  9.  I don't know how I can avail of the products after the purchase. What should I do in this case?

    The products that you buy from this website are available for instant access and download from the Member's Area. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be transferred to your Member's Area. Here, you should first login, after that you are free to use and/or download all the products you have purchased.

  10.  For how long my product will remain valid?

    Your products will be valid for 90 days from the day that you purchased it. After that it will not work anymore and you will be required to renew it through the site.

  11.  What are minimum system requirements for Cplus products?

    There are no any special requirements. Cplus Online Testing Engine runs on all devices and platforms: Windows, iOS, macOS or Android. You just need to have an Internet browser and Internet access.

  12.  How can I report if I find error in any of the question or how do I respond to a question I have doubt over?

    Simply send an email to Cplus.CO@outlook.com and make sure you include exam code, screenshot of questions you doubt and correct answer. We will review your request and respond within 12 hours. Your feedback is always appreciated and welcome