Course Huawei HCIA-HNTD with LABS - Entry level

Course Huawei HCIA-HNTD with LABS - Entry level

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This course guides you to practice entry level LABs for Huawei HCIA-HNTD to pass the H12-211 Huawei exam


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • TCP/IP Knowledge
  • Network Basics knoweldge


Huawei HCIA Routing and Switching certificate is becoming famous from day to day. If you come from the Cisco world, you should already know Cisco CCNA certificate which most of students and engineers have it or working to have it. Huawei HCIA certificate is very similar to Cisco CCNA certificate as per the contents, however as being 2 different companies than the command lines different from one to another.

Huawei is developing the market very fast causing competition with other well known companies, so following this course would help you to add more skills into your CV so you can have more opportunities for jobs.

This course will be a based on LABs . The focus will be on the part 1 of the HCIA certificate topics which is the Entry Level.
If you have already the CCNA knowledge and/or certificate, then this course is absolutely for you. All Labs are designed in an easy way with step-by-step to achieve the goal of each LAB.

The LABS part will be done using Huawei eNSP simulator so you can repeat the LABS at home without the need to buy real Huawei equipments.

I hope to see you in my course!!!!

Who this course is for:

  • IT students
  • Network engineers
  • Engineers who have CCNA knowledge and would like to get a new certificate from Huawei