Course Juniper JNCIS-SP Part-1b - Filter Based Fowarding / LB

Course Juniper JNCIS-SP Part-1b - Filter Based Fowarding / LB

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Basic Junos Cli Navigation

Tcp / Ip Basic Knowledge

Idea of Routing Instances will help but not Mandatory

Idea of Routing will help but not Mandatory


Juniper is Awesome! This is what you will think once you understand what Junos Operating system has to offer.

The Entire Course is Split into several parts and this is part-1b of the course where we take a Deep Dive into Load-Balancing / Filter-Based-Forwarding

I love teaching and I have a Passion towards it. I Have made it as hands on as possible instead of Slide shows showing outputs and then dealing everything about it.

Goal of this course is to make engineer as practical as possible and ease his/her way to implement/troubleshoot thing thinking at fundamental level.

This is the Part-1b of the Course. Course Covers the official Curriculum / Blue Print from Juniper Networks Certification Portal.

Identify the concepts, operation and functionality of various protocol-independent routing components


Network Engineers who has knowledge on Basic TCP/IP

Engineers who would like to see additional concepts and knobs at a specialist level certification of JNCIS-SP/ENT

Part-1a of Jncis-SP PIr is recommended but not Mandatory

Materials :

Workbook and 3 Hour Lab Access included with this.

All the Demonstrations are covered over a virtual platform

This is done to demonstrate the power of Junos now at a virtual level , thanks to VMX / VSRX and also give a push to someone who wants to learn Junos and still think that he needs hardware for the same

How Long would it take to complete this Course ?

This course should take no greater than 3 Hours to complete.

This includes in-depth analysis of all the concepts and different knobs that Junos has to offer.

Why Take this Course ?

- To get help in certification track of Famous Jncis-SP/ENT tracks

- To understand more about Juniper Networks

- To advance your configurational and troubleshooting expertise

Course Structure

-> Firewall Filters

-> Rib-Groups

-> Filter Based Forwarding

-> Load Balancing

Equipment and Lab Demonstrations

-> All the Labs are Build on VMware workstation12 using VSRX/CISCO IOL / VMX

-> Initial setups were build on VSRX and then the later labs were executed on VMX setup using Logical systems

This is purely done keeping one thing in mind as i have re-iterated earlier, the goal of this course is to make it as practical as possible along with exploring the user-friendly options where students who enrol for this course can take a better advantage by setting up their own systems without worrying about hardware. I have also made sure that this entire course can run on a single VMX Instance of Junos which consume a 2GB ram and 2vcpu

I hope you enjoy this course as much as I did developing it.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Intrested in JNCIS-SP Specialist Ceritification, anyone who wants to Improve their overall Understanding on Juniper JUNOS